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In her early twenties, while still attending Belarus State University of Arts and Culture in her native Republic of Belarus, she gains her first recognition as the top emerging designer during the 1st international haute couture fashion show in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. While working on several costume projects for the local state theater, designing costumes for Belarusian song-writers and pop-singers, she accepts the offer to move to the U.S. to continue her fashion design career.

Valeria gains her expertise in fashion and costume design while working for numerous fashion companies like Banana Republic, Midalli, Isaac Mizrahi, Burlen Corporation, off-Broadway ballet Serzh and others. She also holds some unexpected jobs like acting and modeling, working for several world renowned agencies. Modeling industry experience has afforded her the knowledge of fashion design from both onstage and backstage. 

In 1999, she launches her first company ROVA in New York. Her cutting-edge holographic designs get the attention from some celebrities like Whitney Houston, Joe Franklin, Gary Null, Michael Jackson and a young girl named Lady Gaga. Valeria gets commissioned to design one-of-a-kind designs for well-known public figures and earns popularity in New York. In 2005, she is invited to run the costume department for The Walt Disney Company and moves to Los Angeles. There, she launches her second company, Valeria Rovalution, dedicated to promote holistic lifestyle and ethical fashion. 

Valeria's diverse experiences gave her a broader perspective on life and a better understanding of our global society's structure and values. Currently, she volunteers her time and expertise to several local school districts and also involved in charitable and fundraising organizations in LA and Orange Counties.
Valeria von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett (aka Valeria G. Barrett), a Belarusian-American fashion and costume designer, art educator and fine artist, who is best known in Hollywood for her colorful personal image. She is a critically acclaimed professional with extensive creative and operational leadership experience. Valeria has been involved in the fashion, arts and entertainment industries for nearly three decades. 
In 2013, Valeria publishes her first book "Valeria ROVALUTION: Living Life Consciously" and creates her online radio show "Valeria ROVALUTION Radio". In 2015, Valeria launches a quarterly FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS Magazine where she is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher.
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Valeria von L.G. Barrett

VLGB is a professional art and design consulting business working with a wide range of customers, from private clients to corporations, non-profit, and government organizations. 

Our services include: ethical fashion and costume design, graphic design, publishing expertise, advertising and marketing, fashion shows and photoshoots direction, personal and corporate image development, personal styling and shopping, fine arts and design classes, public educational workshops, one-on-one sessions, fine art commissions and murals, event presentations, hosting and speaking engagements. 

Our goal is to help shaping a better future for our communities, by showcasing the unlimited potential of the human being in creative fields, and support conscious leaders and their causes worldwide. 

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